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Jana Arevalo
Declutter Coach

Decluttering and Organization Tips

For the DIY military spouse, I have a healthy resource of blog posts, free checklists, and digital products and a growing Facebook community. Join us over at Creating Spaces now and declutter with friends!

One on One Declutter Coaching

For spouses needing help decluttering their home, paperwork, or digital clutter, one-on-one decluttering sessions are a fantastic way to lead you from cluttered to clear in just a few sessions! Find out more about my virtual sessions below!

Personalized PCS planning for

PCSing is stressful! I get it! and with 10 PCS moves under my belt I can help you create an action plan and checklist of all the logistics of your PCS to help make this next move stress free for you and your family.

Virtual Decluttering and Organizing Services:

As a military spouse, I know how hard it can be to connect locally when you are new or haven’t established your network. That’s why I offer virtual decluttering services on your time and your schedule. To find out more about how virtual decluttering works, check out my article, What is Virtual Decluttering?