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Why Military Families Need A Password Manager

Why Military Families Need a Password Manager

During our 10th PCS (Military acronym for Permanent Change of Station, aka military move), I set up all the new utilities, signed up for the schools, and registered for doctors, dentists, and other services. I must have created a dozen new accounts with usernames and passwords. I did what many people probably do and used the same username and password throughout my accounts. A quick password checkup said I had 105 reused passwords! I needed a better, more secure solution. I began to recognize why military families need password managers.

Why use a Password Manager

Military Families need to be able to access information securely and from anywhere
Why Military Families Need to Use a Password Manager: Keep your Information Secure!

Before this PCS move, my husband set up an account on a password manager. Begrudgingly, I have forced myself to start using it too. There is no way one person can remember 100s of SECURE passwords! When asked to create a new username and password, I now use a strong password generator. And voila! My app automatically recognizes and stores that password. It’s easier and more secure, and I save time by not using the “Forgot Password” process every time. Check out my article here to ensure you are not making these top 5 password mistakes.


Password Managers for Military Families 

So why are password managers perfect for military families? Our password manager was a life and time saver during my husband’s last deployment. I could manage all of our accounts under his name and vice versa. We didn’t have to waste time or send insecure information back and forth through email or WhatsApp. Additionally, we have found that while traveling or PCSing, a password manager makes it quick and easy to log into Netflix or access accounts if we have to use different computers. Again, the sheer number of new accounts and platforms that military families must manage with each PCS makes some of these programs worth the nominal fees. Since using a password manager, I now have peace of mind. I am less likely to be hacked due to insecure, easy-to-guess, or reused passwords.

Best Password Managers

Why Military Families need a password manager
Password Managers are invaluable for military families during moves, separations, and PCS season.

According to this article from (which gets way more technical than I will!), these are the top 8 password managers in 2023. I have the most experience with Keeper, and I love its easy use. It can automatically save new passwords while navigating different websites on your computer or phone. With the family plan, we can also store all of our kids’ passwords and essential records. I believe these tools can go way deeper than how I use them, however, they are simple enough for me to use quickly. If I can learn it, so can you!

In conclusion, if you are like I was and are still not using “secure” passwords, or are using the same password on multiple sites, or are still wasting hours of your life using the “forgot password” method, GO DOWNLOAD A PASSWORD MANAGER IMMEDIATELY! Using the password manager habitually does take a little bit of time. But you will feel so much more secure once you do. For military families, a password manager can be an invaluable tool during deployments, PCS moves, or in the case of an emergency.

Also, from the blog:

Happy Organizing, y’all!

5 Responses

  1. I never thought about it, but it is important for a military family to use a password manager – may be more than other people. I haven’t moved in a long time, so haven’t changed utility companies, etc.
    I’m sure using a PM makes moving a little bit easier for you.

  2. I recommend password managers to everyone (and though I can’t say I *love* it, I’m pretty satisfied with the free version of LastPass. (I use a belt-and-suspenders approach, and so I also use Apple’s Keychain). I’d never considered how such digital password managers would be even more useful for people who move frequently, such as military families, but also locum tenen healthcare workers and clergy, digital nomads, and just folks who transfer for their jobs. Great advice!

  3. My daughter was just raving about the benefits of using a password manager. She finds it so easy. I never thought about the fact that it could help you when multiple people are running accounts from disparate locations. That would be a big hassle if you had to try and send passwords in a secure way.

    Do you pay a monthly amount for your password manager? I heard the cost depends on how many devices want to access it.

    1. We pay annually, and it is not expensive at all. Keeper has a family plan, so we can also put all of our kids on there. I believe they have amazing deals right now with the holidays. It’s wonderful to have one central place to keep everything, especially when moving or when my husband travels.

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