5 Tips for a Peaceful Morning Routine

Tip 1:  Wake up peacefully

Create a routine that allows you to wake up in peace. Get up with enough time to start your morning off with time and space for yourself.

Tip 2: Get in some exercise

A great morning routine should include ways to get your heart rate up. It helps calm your nervous system and boosts your mood naturally. 

Tip 3: Make your Bed! 

There's something so MOTIVATING about making your bed. Try it for a week and see how it changes your whole day!

Tip 4: 15-Minute Morning Cleanup

Spending 15 minutes cleaning up the morning can really help the rest of the day run smoothly.

Tip 5:  Set the Scene the Night Before

Set the coffee, clean the kitchen, set out your workout clothes, etc. The more you can do the night before, the less chaos you will wake up to the next morning.

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