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10 Best Small Kitchen Organization Products

10 small kitchen organization products

Best organization products to maximize space in your small kitchen!

We are currently living on an Air Force Base in military housing. And while it is perfectly adequate for our family, the kitchen is a little lacking when it comes to storage space! So I have compiled this list of the best small kitchen organization products to help you maximize space in your own small kitchen- military base or not! (I am an Amazon affiliate and receive a small commission if you purchase using my links! 🙂)

Drawer Dividers

I was initially skeptical to buy these, thinking that they would take up more room. But now, I love them in my utensil drawer. It makes it easy for the kids to put away the dishes and things do not slide around everywhere! I would highly recommend these if you have a BIG drawer where things tend to get lost. Click here to purchase your drawer dividers.

Stackable Can Organizer

My second recommendation for best organization products for small kitchens, I just got one of these for our pantry, and I love how I can now SEE all of my cans. It really helps when I am making the meal plan or the grocery list during our Sunday planning process. My husband also has remarked that he likes being able to see what is in there, so I will consider that a win! There are a few different types, but I like this one because it can expand to fit different spaces. Click here to purchase your stackable can organizer.

Over-the-Door Organizer (1st kind)

So this is just a basic shoe organizer, but I have one in my kitchen that I use for water bottles and excess cleaning supplies. I have one of these in all of our bedrooms that I do use for shoes, but I think they can be useful for so many purposes. I’ve seen them used in craft rooms, pantries, storage closets… the options are endless. Click here to purchase your over-the-door organizer.

Keurig Duo K-Cup and Coffee Maker

We use this every single day. We’re big coffee drinkers, but I love having the option of making a whole pot or just a single cup. This coffee maker is the perfect solution and has held up to everyday use. Click here to purchase your Keurig Dual K-Cup and Coffee Maker.

K-cup Organizer

I love this organizer because it sits perfectly underneath our coffee maker. It’s a perfect size, and I love being able to have a variety of different k-cups to choose from. Click here to purchase your K-cup organizer.

Magnetic Knife Holder

I love our magnetic strip because it helps save so much counter space. I never realized how much space one of those knife blocks actually takes up, not to mention how dirty those things can get. And, I feel like I use my knives a lot more often now that I can see them. Click here to purchase your magnetic knife holder.

Baking Sheet Organizer

We use a similar one in one of our smaller cabinets. I don’t have a huge number of baking sheets, so I use this for baking sheets, cutting boards, and some larger platters. It helps to maximize the space and keeps me from having to sort through things in a lower drawer or shelf. Click here to grab your baking sheet organizer.

OXO Baking Set

THIS IS ON MY CHRISTMAS LIST, y’all!!! This looks super nifty. So each of these containers ( I have a lot of the OXO containers already and love them) is specially made for the different ingredients. For example, there is a special sifter for powdered sugar, a special leveler for flour, etc. I think I may have to order mine early though as I love making Christmas cookies and these would be a BIG help. If you already have these, you will have to let me know what you think of them! Click here to grab your OXO baking set.

Plastic Bag Organizer

I don’t want to exaggerate, but this plastic bag organizer has been life-changing. For YEARS, I have been battling with the boxes in my plastic bag drawer. They are always too tall or never the right fit. They slide around, or get stuck, plus, they are just plain UGLY! I saw these plastic bag organizers all over Instagram, and I was like AHA! This will be the answer to all of my problems… ok, now I’m exaggerating. But, for the problems of the plastic bag drawer, this really has solved all of those problems. If you have been on the fence about getting one of these, do it, you won’t regret it! Click here to grab your plastic bag organizer!

Over-the-Door Organizer (2nd option)

This is another option that I use in my pantry. Make sure you read the reviews on these because the first type that I got kept breaking at the bottom. But, for our VERY tiny pantry, this has helped a lot. I put a lot of the items here that might get lost on shelves otherwise, and the deep baskets allow for a lot of extra storage. Click here to get your over-the-door storage unit.

So that’s my round-up of my 10 best small kitchen organization products. Let me know if any of these have worked for you, or if there is anything essential that I have missed. If you are looking to start decluttering and organizing, let me recommend my 30-day declutter challenge where I take you through 4 weeks of decluttering your space, your categories, your digital life, and your paper. Check it out and make sure to download your free Declutter Checklists below.

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Happy Organizing, Y’all!

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