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Blog Post Graphic: Keepr is the Best Password Management System for military families

Best Password Management System for Military Families:

Why Keeper should be the #1 item on your deployment to-do list

Keeper sponsors this post, and I am receiving payment for this article. All opinions and recommendations are my own. Our family has used Keeper for the last three years, and I would highly recommend Keeper as the ideal password management system for military families.

Story Time!

Imagine this: a stormy night, 4 am, my husband is deployed, and the doorbell rings. Alone with my three kids and Nacho the Frenchie, I felt like I was in the middle of a horror movie. I got up to check the door, and NO ONE WAS THERE 👻. I was petrified. The doorbell rang 2-3 more times until I finally realized that maybe it was the doorbell malfunctioning and not a ghost or a serial killer. Of course, the kids and the killer guard dog Frenchie slept through all of it. Thanks Nacho.

Picture of the Nacho the Frenchie who proved not to be a guard dog.
Nacho, the non-guard dog

In the morning (after lots of coffee), I realized the doorbell malfunction was due to our newly installed security system. When I called the company, the real frustration set in. The security company refused to talk to me because I did not know the secure phone password. And, because my husband was deployed, I could do nothing about it. The doorbell rang sporadically for the next three days (and nights!) until finally, I got ahold of my husband in Iraq. And guess what? He’d also forgotten the password! Locked out of our account, we realized we desperately needed a password management system for to keep track of all the different passwords in our home.

The Significance of Online Security During Deployments

Did you know that about 1 in 3 internet users have experienced some form of data breach? Did you know that the majority (about 80%) of these data breaches come from weak or poor password management (Williams, ITbrief, 2023)? Additionally, military members are at a higher risk of cyber attacks from foreign enemies, and military families must practice smart and secure password practices. With Keeper, it is easy to ensure you always have a STRONG password and are at a significantly reduced risk from identity theft and hackers. You would not want to have to deal with the pain of identity theft on top of everything else if your spouse was deployed or on TDY. You’ll have enough on your plate- trust me! 😅

Your Passwords are Strong with Keeper

Quote from blog article about the best password management system for military families

Before making Keeper a standard practice, I used the same easy-to-remember password on almost every account. I did not realize how vulnerable I was making our family. But now, with Keeper, I can easily have a unique and strong password for every new account. With the browser extension, Keeper automatically comes to life whenever I am asked to create or remember a password. It’s magical. And the best part is, I don’t have to remember them all!! Seriously, I only have to remember one Master Password, and I’m good to go.

Pic of the Browser Extension

Unlimited Password Storage

Everything these days requires a login, password, and an online account. It is just the way of the world now. In the military, we are asked to create new accounts every time we move, but we also have to have access to our old accounts during the move process…just in case. That’s A LOT of passwords! That’s why I love that Keeper has unlimited storage. Between my husband, my kids, and my online business, I appreciate having one place to keep everything secure and organized.

Keeper from Anywhere

While my husband isn’t deploying soon (that I know of!), he must travel quite a bit for his job. Keeper is an excellent option because not all passwords go with him! He can access all of our passwords when he travels, and we both have access to streaming sites, banking information, and anything we might need to handle. When we PCSed this last summer, we could log in to Netflix, Hulu, and all our accounts from anywhere. There was no “forgot password” or creating new accounts, saving time and headaches! In addition, we can access our family account from both our phone app and desktop, making Keeper an outstanding all-around tool.

Screenshot of Keeper on the app

Smooth user experience

Keeper Password Management system is streamlined and smooth

Another feature of Keeper is the ability to access your keeper from any device. Whether you have Apple products, PCs, androids, or iPhones, you can download Keeper, which is instantly updated and compatible. I love that Keeper will autofill my passwords and autogenerate new ones once I log in. This makes my workflow so much quicker while still secure. I only need to remember my Master Password, and even that, they have streamlined it to be done with a fingerprint or Face Recognition ID. The Keeper experience is so smooth that you don’t notice it working in the background.

Keeper is good on all devices

Not just for passwords!

While Keeper is mainly a password manager, you can securely store and share records, files, and payment info. This feature has saved us many times, especially during our PCS move. Businesses and government offices increasingly accept digital copies of orders, birth certificates, military IDs, etc. It’s great to have a tool to pull up that file and email it on the spot rather than lugging around a binder full of your most important documents. It’s safer and more streamlined. When setting up all of our new services, insurance, and car documentation here in Spain, it’s been great to have all the required information at our fingertips.

Keeper is for more than just passwords. It’s a secure location for records and files, right at your fingertips.

Keeper has options for businesses

In addition to the individual and family plans, Keeper also has options for small businesses. This ensures business owners can hand over essential log-in information without jeopardizing their company’s security. If you are hiring a virtual assistant, an independent contractor, or someone part-time, you don’t necessarily want to trust them with all the passwords to your business. Keeper has shared team folders, management options, and an incentive- all your team members will also receive a family Keeper membership. Awesome.

You can share login info with a Keeper account

How much is Keeper?

When you look at the cost, time lost, and hours spent to fix a situation of identity theft, the cost of Keeper is minimal. According to, 40% of identity theft victims are out $600 but spend over 200 hours trying to rectify the situation. Many have to take off work, take out loans, and report incredibly high levels of stress. When thinking about it that way, you almost can’t afford not to have a password management system like Keeper. We pay ours annually, and everything they offer is incredibly affordable. When writing this, they have a massive discount for Black Friday and the holidays, so now may be the best time to sign up.

Set up Keeper Before A Deployment, TDY, or PCS

As a military spouse, I am very familiar with Murphy

Keeper has become an incredible tool for our overall household management. It’s only increased its usefulness as the kids age, and we’ve PCSed a few more times. It’s made our life so much more efficient, and I highly recommend setting it up sooner rather than later. As a military spouse, I am very familiar with Murphy. As soon as my husband leaves, something will inevitably go wrong. Make sure to stay on top of the things you can control by having a safe, secure, and shared password management system. I highly recommend Keeper as the best password management system for military families.

If you want to purchase Keeper to keep your family secure, use this link and code “Jana50” for 50% off at checkout!

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Happy Organizing, Y’all!

8 Responses

  1. What a compelling story you shared! I can’t imagine how annoying it was to have your doorbell going on and off intermittently for several days. Ugh!!!

    I love how you took that incident and figured out a solution. The Keeper product looks terrific! I know a lot of people use Password managers. I get the idea and understand how it is beneficial. Part of me worries that someone could access everything if my account got hacked. Maybe that’s an unrealistic concern, but I think about it.

    1. I guess that would be a real concern, but I think there are enough safeguards that you can put in place, 2-factor, face id, fingerprint that would ensure someone would not make it too far. I think the safest thing you can do is just to make sure you are using a different and strong password for every account and trust that you have put the most difficulty between you and a person who would have bad intentions.

  2. That doorbell ringing would have driven me crazy – what a huge hassle! I can see the struggle when you cannot get in touch with your loved one who is deployed… yet another challenge of military life that most civilians cannot truly understand.

    I like that we are moving toward other ways to identify ourselves (fingerprint, facial ID), but I do have a concern. My mother, who is older, has trouble with her fingerprint. Apparently, as we age, our fingerprint can get harder to read. This concerns me if I”m using my fingerprint to sign into things. I know I have trouble when my fingers are “pruned” from the shower. It will be interesting to see how we manage this!

    Keeper sounds like a great product with more flexibility than some of the others. I’ll check it out. 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness… that darn doorbell. It ended up being an issue with the Wi-Fi, and when the Wi-Fi would drop the doorbell would go off. 🙄 It was obnoxious! And yes, trying to get ahold of a deployed soldier can be very difficult. It’s easier now that most have access to the internet, but when my husband first started deploying, it was near impossible!

      I did not know that about the fingerprint getting harder to read, and yes, I think all of these technologies can pose a real concern for the elderly who are not used to using them. Maybe as we are all getting used to them, it won’t be as much of a concern when we are older, but I’m sure it will be something new that is difficult for us to learn!

  3. I’m a big believer in digital password managers as a concept, but I’m not very trusting, so I use a belt-and-suspenders approach. By that, I mean I have two different password managers and save all passwords in both. Each has its own advantages. Plus, any site that’s so important that I would have a meltdown if I couldn’t access it for more than have a day is recorded in a tangible password book, too.

    My passwords are (for the most part) strong; I don’t really care if someone hacks my log in credentials to read a particular newspaper site, but safe banking is non-negotiable, and things like that get triple-saved. I don’t, per se, have the same fears as Linda mentioned of EVERYTHING getting borked, but I do worry about the high-priority sites.

    Interestingly, I’ve been following this topic for years and have never even heard of Keeper! I know LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, Bitwarden, and Nordpass…and many others, but Keeper is new to me. I’m impressed with the pricing, and the features seem pretty much like those at the competitors. Thanks for introducing us to this resource!

    1. Keeper is robust in what it offers and for the price. I think I have some of the fears that you mentioned, but I feel a lot more secure when all of my passwords are strong. I know there are so many people out there that are still using easy passwords because they are still trying to remember them all. So far, I’ve found Keeper to be very easy to use even though I was hesitant to start using one at all. It seemed like it added more time in the beginning, but now I can safely say it SAVES me time every single day.

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