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Your FREE Monthly To-Do Checklist: How a Monthly Reset Helps Maintain Order in our Military Life

Monthly to do list

Welcome to a new month, military families! The first of the month is the perfect time to refresh and prepare for the weeks ahead. Whether you’re managing deployments, PCS moves, or simply balancing everyday life, a Monthly To-Do List can help streamline your routine and keep everything running smoothly. Here’s a guide to the essential tasks you should tackle at the beginning of each month.

6 categories to pay attention to at the start of every month!

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Monthly To-Do List
Free Monthly To-Do List from The Organized Military Life

Goal Setting

Add goal setting to your monthly to do list

Setting clear goals is crucial for staying focused and motivated. Take some time to:

  • Review Last Month’s Goals: Celebrate your achievements and reflect on areas for improvement.
  • Set New Goals: Whether personal, family-related, or career-oriented, jot down what you want to accomplish this month.
  • Brainstorm: Write down any new ideas or aspirations that come to mind. This could be anything from starting a new hobby to planning a family vacation.

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Financial Check-Up

Financial Check-up as a part of your monthly to-do list

Financial stability is key to peace of mind. Here’s how to keep your finances on track:

  • Review and Update Your Budget: Use budgeting tools or apps to ensure your finances are in order.
  • Pay Bills: Check and pay all bills, including utilities, subscriptions, and credit cards.
  • Savings Goals: Allocate savings towards specific goals, like an emergency fund or future plans.
  • Military Pay and Benefits: Verify your military pay and update any necessary paperwork to ensure everything is current.

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance as a part of your monthly to-do list

To not be overwhelmed, it’s a great idea to tackle one big home maintenance project a month. Also, the first of the month makes the perfect time to make sure you are doing recurring home tasks like these:

  • Deep Cleaning: Focus on one area each month, such as the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Decluttering: Sort through belongings like clothes, books, or toys to keep your living spaces organized. If you need some ideas for categories, check out my article here.
  • Maintenance Checks: Test smoke detectors, change air filters, and inspect for any repairs that may be needed. Other good monthly tasks: pet medicine, washing bedding, and towels, changing out any light bulbs or household items requiring batteries.

Digital Organization

Digital Organization as a part of your monthly routine

In the digital age, organizing your digital life is just as important. Here’s how to stay digitally organized:

  • Email Inbox: Clear out clutter by unsubscribing from unnecessary newsletters and organizing important emails.
  • Digital Photos: Erase screenshots, duplicate or unnecessary photos from the previous month. Categorize and file any important photos for easy retrieval.
  • File Management: Back up important documents and files to a secure cloud storage or external drive.

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Paperwork as a part of your monthly routine

Military life often comes with paperwork that needs regular attention. Stay on top of it with these steps:

  • Review Military Paperwork: Ensure all military-related documents are current, including ID cards, benefits, and insurance.
  • Organize Important Documents: Keep personal documents like medical records, insurance policies, and financial statements in order.
  • Accessibility: Make sure these documents are easily accessible in case of emergencies or sudden deployments. Check out all of List & File Military Binders products to help keep your paperwork organized!

To read about my super simple 5-step paper process, check out the article here!

Calendar Planning

update your calendar as a part of your monthly routine

While I normally incorporate calendar planning into my Sunday routine, I like to take the 1st of the month to plan out events in the future. Take these items into consideration when doing your monthly reset:

  • Mark Important Dates: Use a calendar to note birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, and deadlines.
  • Travel and Events: Confirm travel plans or family events, ensuring all arrangements are in place.
  • Update Digital Calendars: Make sure that all of your paper planners and calendars are synced up to your digital calendars and shared to all the necessary family members.

By following this Monthly To-Do List, you can simplify your military family life and maintain a sense of order throughout the month. Adjust these tasks to fit your family’s unique circumstances and preferences. Stay organized, stay proactive, and enjoy a productive month ahead!

What are your essential monthly tasks? What would you add to this list? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below!

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5 Responses

  1. I love the way you break things down into manageable categories and tasks. For me, getting things done a little at a time works best. Your categories allow someone to pick and choose and then get everything done by the end of the month.

  2. When I started to read this, I thought it was way too many things to deal with every month, but by the time I finished, I realized that maybe not every task has to be completed every month, but the more you do, the smaller each one becomes. Great plan!

  3. Some of these are military-specific, but many apply to the rest of us.

    I love having a planning meeting a couple of times each year with my husband to look at the travel prospects. Then, we can meet monthly to see what needs to be done this month to firm up details for whatever trips are coming up.

    Digital calendars must be a lifeline with deployed loved ones, if for no other reason than that the person who is deployed can feel plugged into what is going on back home!

  4. You provide a clear framework for attending to those things that can easily slip through the cracks. I like the idea of the “reset,” which is essential for maintaining organization.

  5. What a great approach to starting the month fresh with an easy-to-follow set of guidelines! I think we all seek re-sets in our lives, and this is an ideal psychological tool for finding your rhythm for a new month.

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