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March Declutter Calendar- 2024

Blog Graphic for the March 2024 Declutter Calendar from The Organized Military Life

Check out my March Declutter Calendar to help you declutter your paper, home, and digital life this year!

Download your Free march Declutter Calendar now!

March 2024 Declutter Calendar
March 2024 Declutter Calendar

How to Use the Calendar:

Are you ready to declutter and get organized this March? I have designed my calendar to tackle your home, paperwork, and digital life for a fresh start to spring!

  • Week 1: Focus: 1st of the month reset– Get your 1st of the month tasks done and take any donations from last month to the donation center.
  • Week 2: Focus: Paper– Declutter and organize your FINANCIAL files.
  • Week 3: Focus: Home– Declutter different categories in your HOME OFFICE.
  • Week 4: Focus: Digital– Declutter and organize your COMPUTER DESKTOP.
  • Week 5: Focus: Categories– Declutter t-shirts, pet toys, electronics, empty boxes, and plasticware.

***Note*** I follow my Sunday planning routine each weekend to help organize and make the most of my time each week.

Here are a few reminders for the March Declutter Calendar:

  • Remember, each daily task is designed to take just 15-20 minutes.
  • You can always do more if you like, but the goal is to keep it manageable.
  • Decluttering and organizing are personal journeys, so make it work for you.
  • I recommend reading my article, “Choose Your 15 Minutes a Day,” before you begin to create the right mindset.

Grab your Free March Declutter Calendar here:

March Declutter Calendar

Download now and receive two bonus pages!

1st-Week Focus: Seasonal- 1st of the month reset!

2nd-Week Focus: Paper- Financial Files

Let’s get ready for Tax Day! Take the time to collect and purge all your financial files and ensure they are filed digitally and physically in your organization system.

  • Day 4: Collect all of your financial files in one place.
  • Day 5: Sort through the pile: Keep, Toss, or Shred!
  • Day 6: Scan important files into your digital file system
  • Day 7: Place the most essential papers into plastic sheets and file physically.
  • Day 8: Shred and dispose of papers you do not need to keep.
  • Days 9 & 10: Enjoy the Weekend and Plan your upcoming week!

**Check out my article here to learn more about my 5-step paper process.

3rd-Week Focus: Area of the home- Home Office

Since we are already working on our financial paperwork, let’s take some time to make sure our home office is decluttered and tidied up! Remember, start small and dedicate 10-15 minutes at a time.

  • Day 11: Declutter old magazines and newspapers
  • Day 12: Declutter already read or unwanted books
  • Day 13: Declutter broken or unused office supplies
  • Day 14: Declutter military memorabilia
  • Day 15: Declutter any outdated decor
  • Day 16 & 17: Enjoy the Weekend and Plan your upcoming week!

4th-Week Focus: Digital- Computer Desktop & Digital Files

Keeping with our “office” theme, take some time this week to clear up your computer desktop and digital files. Many times, these can become “digital junk drawers” where a lot of files get lost. Ensure you create a system that helps you quickly retrieve your necessary and most important files.

  • Day 18: Start by clearing off your computer desktop!
  • Day 19: Delete unnecessary files
  • Day 20: Delete, delete, delete!
  • Day 21: Create broad digital folders for the main “themes” of your digital files
  • Day 22: Keep categorizing, deleting, and organizing
  • Day 23 & 24: Enjoy the Weekend and Plan your upcoming week!

Looking to declutter digitally? Check out my 7-day digital declutter here!

5th-week Focus: Declutter By Category

I love decluttering by categories!! Sometimes, tackling an entire space in my home can feel overwhelming, so breaking it down into smaller parts makes it seem much more doable. So here are a few categories for this last week of March that you can tackle in about 15 minutes!

  • Day 25: T-shirts- go through your t-shirts to see if there are any “easy targets” that you can get rid of. If they are stained, ripped, or never worn, it’s time to let them go.
  • Day 26: Pet toys- any chewed up, broken, exceptionally stinky, or unloved toys are good targets for decluttering
  • Day 27: Electronics- take time to declutter any unused or broken electronics. Here are some ideas of where to recycle old electronics so they do not cause harm to the environment.
  • Day 28: Empty Boxes- Take the time to get rid of empty boxes from purchases, shipping boxes, and other boxes that have been collected.
  • Day 29: Plasticware- Any plasticware that has been collected and will not be used.
  • Day 30 & 31: Enjoy the Weekend and Plan your upcoming week! Happy Easter!

Free bonus calendars:

Blank March 2024 Calendar
Blank Calendar for 2024
Blank March Calendar
Free Blank Calendar

Ok, so I need to know how the March Declutter Calendar works for you! I’ll be jumping onto my Instagram stories to share my progress, but if you have any questions or want to share your success, please head over to my private Facebook group, Organization Tips and Tricks.

March Declutter Calendar

Download now and receive two bonus pages!

Looking for more ways to declutter? Check out my 30-day declutter checklist now and grab your copies of all the FREE PRINTABLES from The Organized Military Life.

Happy Organizing, y’all!

4 Responses

  1. What a terrific decluttering plan you created! I like that it focuses your energy on doing short organizing bursts of activity.

    One of my favorite things is preparing papers for the accountant for tax time. In that process, I get to do a lot of shredding, which always feels freeing. And most decluttering gives that same feeling- positive, lighter, happier.

  2. I love how you take the reader by the hand and walk through the schedule. As we see, so many clients aren’t even sure where to begin, and giving them this game plan ensures that something gets done every day to move forward, especially on prepping for taxes. Great job!

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