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A Note to My Mom

love you mom

3 years, today I said goodbye. And so much has happened! 

So let me tell you about it. I started a blog, that’s right, I write on the internet. It’s wild. It’s about organizing… no, I’m serious. Yes, I know I was a mess as a kid, and the blog is more about how I’m trying to be organized. You’d love it. 

And we’ve moved to Spain, YES, like Spain, Spain. It’s beautiful here. There are so many things in bloom right now, as well as so many lovely and different trees. There are also many roundabouts, and I’ve had to drive all the way back around because I’m not as aggressive of a driver as I should be. I’ve got the hang of it now, but I stick out in my big “American” car. My Spanish is still pitiful, but I try. Spanish people are kind. The food is different, but I think you would like it. There’s a lot of fish and olive oil and bread. You’d love it.

Mike? He’s good. Still kicking butt at this military thing. He’s still making me laugh, and I still love him very much, even though it’s totally unfair that he keeps looking younger, and I… well, don’t. I’ve let my grey hair shine, and I don’t know if you would’ve approved 😅. But I like it, it suits me. We’re happy and celebrated 18 years doing life together this year. Incredible. You’d love it.

The kids? Holy moly, they are tall, talented, and funny. They are growing into real people, and it’s wonderful, sad, and beautiful all at once. I’m so amazingly proud of them, and now I understand how proud you were of me. I know you would burst if you saw them now, as I am in awe of them even though I have to pick up stinky socks, cups, and bowls. But I know you’d love it.

Three years have passed, and life keeps going. Sometimes, I want to stop everything when I think about you. Today, I was trying to keep myself busy, but I needed to write you this little note to just stop and remember. 

Remember your laugh and your humor.

Remember your wit.

Remember your support. 

I miss you every single day. 

I love you, Mom 

– Jana ❤️

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