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How to organize vehicle files

Are you a military spouse looking to declutter and get organized? Join my Facebook group now! Hey, y’all, I am decluttering and organizing vehicle paperwork

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5 steps to declutter your paper

How to declutter your paper in 5 easy steps! In September of last year, our family was hit with COVID. EVERYTHING got out of order.

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Jana Arevalo

Hello! I'm Jana

Hi! I’m Jana! I have been a military spouse for 18 years, and I am experienced when it comes to PCS moves, organizing new spaces, and creating more efficient systems for my family. I understand the feeling of anxiety and overwhelm that can come with clutter, and that’s why I love helping military spouses, busy moms and small business owners declutter and organize their homes, digital lives and paperwork!

I am an Amazon Associate as well as an affiliate with some AMAZING military spouse businesses. When you make a purchase using my links you are supporting my small business and I am so grateful! Thank you!