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Budget-Friendly Travel Products:

Budget Friendly Travel Products

My favorite travel products that will keep you organized, on budget, and clutter-free!

Are you tired of sifting through a chaotic mess of clothes, gadgets, and toiletries every time you pack for a trip? Do you dream of jetting off on your adventures with everything neatly organized and easily accessible? Look no further! Today, I’m sharing my favorite budget-friendly travel products (all available on Amazon) that are absolute game-changers for keeping your military family travel clutter-free and supremely organized. If you have an upcoming PCS or just a weekend trip down the road, I recommend picking up these items today!

I am an Amazon Associate, and by purchasing from my links, I do receive a small commission. However, I do not recommend anything I don’t truly use or love. Thank you so much!

Compression Packing Cubes:

A few years back, I stumbled upon the magic of packing cubes, and let me tell you, I’ve become an ardent enthusiast ever since! Not only have I embraced them wholeheartedly, but my kids have also joined the packing cube fan club. These nifty little organizers have revolutionized the way we approach travel, adding a whole new level of convenience to our journey. Packing cubes also work wonders when saving precious space in our luggage. As a military family always on the move, optimizing luggage space is crucial. These cubes compress our clothes and belongings efficiently, leaving extra room for those souvenirs and travel treasures we can’t resist picking up. Additionally, packing cubes help us to start organized and clutter-free in our hotel room or AirBnb. Game. Changer.

Budget Friendly Travel Products: Compression Packing Cubes

Travel Cable Organizer:

In our family’s travel dynamic, my husband has earned the honorary title of “electronics guru.” It’s like he’s got a sixth sense for knowing which charger goes with which device! Picture this: all our chargers, neatly organized and perfectly snug, tucked away in this compact electronic haven. It’s become a bit of a ritual now – the ‘charging bag’ is as essential to our trips as our passports!

Portable Charger:

Next up on my budget-friendly travel products is a portable charger. There are few options out there for portable chargers, and if you are PCSing overseas, make sure you have the correct charger for your country. But, even if you are traveling in the States, these portable chargers are a must! With five people in our family, we have a lot of devices. We now each have one of these chargers where we can charge cell phones, kindle devices, headphones, you name it. These have been incredibly helpful with our travels this year, and I can’t recommend them enough. Make sure to check the outlet for this one- I believe my link is for the one we have here in Spain (European).

Foldable charger:

I use this foldable charger as my daily charger, which is also incredibly handy for travel. It folds up and slips into my backpack, and I can charge my phone, watch, and AirPods all in one place. As our kids are getting older, their devices are multiplying so we have bought one for everyone in our family. I’m even getting another one for my desk (and maybe one in the kitchen?). They really are that handy. I love that it’s a magnet, and I can charge everything without having to plug in any wires…genius.

Noise-Canceling Headphones:

This next one is the most expensive of my budget-friendly travel products, but I use my AirPods daily. What can I say? We are an Apple family. We are all AirPod believers, but whatever brand you decide on, having noise-canceling headphones on a noisy plane is a must! Our flight to Spain was 9 hours, and I could listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and watch movies, all while not being bothered by the surrounding noise. Plus, I use them every day when I am cooking or cleaning. I love that you can turn the noise canceling feature on or off, and I wouldn’t travel without them!

Collapsible Water Bottle:

This collapsible water bottle is in my cart for our next adventures, but it looks like a brilliant idea. I love my hydroflask, but traveling with it is not the easiest. The big water bottles are bulky and heavy. I like that this collapsible one can fold up when you are done and not take up as much space in your bags. Stay tuned; I’ll let you know what I think!

Toiletries kit:

I don’t know why it took me so long to buy a toiletries kit, but I’m so glad I did before our PCS move this summer. This toiletries kit is a bit big for a small carry-on suitcase, but it fits perfectly in a backpack or tote. I love that I can fit ALL of my toiletries into one bag. It is especially convenient when sharing a hotel room with multiple family members. And the hanger worked in every hotel room that we stayed in. It has plenty of compartments, so I could keep everything organized and clutter-free as we traveled.

Travel-Sized Toiletries Kit:

I have always enjoyed using hotel shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. It saves me from having to pack it, and I don’t have to worry about it spilling in my bag. Plus, most Airbnbs usually have shampoo and soap, so I had become accustomed to not packing it. However, on our last trip to Germany, I arrived at the hotel, and they had one bottle of “wash.” Was it shampoo? Was it body wash? While I’m efficient, I realized I liked more than just one option. Upon returning home, I immediately purchased this little refillable toiletry set so that I could bring my own and never be without lotion or conditioner again!

Travel Pill Holder:

While I only take a couple of daily medications for migraines, I have started to take some supplements and vitamins in the morning and at night. I needed something to keep everything organized, and I ran across this little medicine pack. It’s perfect for travel but could also be used in a purse or car to ensure you have needed medications handy. I also saw someone use this as a little jewelry holder, and I thought that was very smart. There are all sorts of creative little ways you could use this little pill pack for travel or your family!

Jewelry holder:

This item is also in my cart, and I wish I had purchased it before our last move. Some movers will not move jewelry if you’ve ever done a military PCS move with government movers. It’s a liability for them, so many companies will not move any pieces regardless of value. For the past few moves, I’ve put all my different jewelry pieces in Ziplocs, but \ something like this would help keep everything from getting all tangled. For people who like a lot of different jewelry options when they travel, this would be a great option to keep everything organized.

Laptop backpack

Last but not least, I would recommend this laptop backpack. It’s cute, it kept my laptop nice and secure, and I love the strap on the back that kept it sitting on top of my rolling carry-on bag. It has a lot of nice little pockets so I could keep track of our passports and everything I needed for the flight. On top of that, I have used this backpack to carry my laptop to a coffee shop when I want a change of scenery. It comes in various colors, and I think it has been worth every penny!

I hope you enjoyed this list of budget-friendly travel products. Let me know in the comments if there is anything you would add to this list. Also, if you have any specific questions, let me know because we have used all the products and can give honest feedback.

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Happy Organizing, y’all!

11 Responses

  1. I’m not much of a traveller. In fact, I probably haven’t been more than 3-4 hours from home since 2014, when I spoke at the NAPO Conference. Thinking about that trip makes me realize how much technology and life have evolved even in that time, because I wouldn’t have even thought of most of these items back then.

    1. I have my husband to thank for most of these. I think I would have just suffered through, but he loves gadgets, and he loves efficiency. So, now these items are my must-haves as well! Thank you for the read!

  2. Well I just love all of this! It’s a great time of year for this post, as these might make terrific Christmas gifts. I’m going to look into that portable charger that folds up. I’m actually in a hotel right now and we just lost power. I was thinking, “I wish I had a portable charger with me!”

  3. These are all great products, Jana. The only one I wasn’t aware of and will be looking into is the collapsible water bottle. I think that’s brilliant and would make a great stocking stuffer gift for those of us who travel. I also think it would be great to take in my daily work kit.

  4. This is fabulous. I read a lot of travel product posts, but they all tend to blend together with the same-old, same-old. These are FABULOUS.

    I am a longtime fan of packing cubes, but haven’t yet upgraded to compression packing cubes. You’ve convinced me! And I have a small portable charger in my workbag just in case I’m ever in need of a charge when I (or a client) loses power, and a converter for international travel, but I think I need to upgrade to a little hub like the one you show. And the foldable charger is fascinating, though I’m not sure I have anything that can charge magnetically. (I have an iPhone 12mini; that may be too old?)

    The collapsible water bottle is definitely a show-stopper! Such great stuff for keeping and for gifting!

    1. Thank you so much! I highlighted the things that we actually used and needed. I ordered the collapsible water bottle, so I’ll give an update when it gets here. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment!

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