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April Declutter Calendar

Check out my April Declutter Calendar to help you declutter your paper, home, and digital life this month!

Download your Free April Declutter Calendar now!

April 2024 Declutter Calendar
April 2024 Declutter Calendar

How to Use the Calendar:

Are you ready to declutter and get organized this April? I have designed my calendar to tackle your home, paperwork, and digital life for a fresh start to spring!

  • Week 1: Focus: Paper– Declutter and organize your KIDS paperwork.
  • Week 2: Focus: Home– Declutter different categories in your GARAGE.
  • Week 3: Focus: Digital– Declutter and organize your SOCIAL MEDIA.
  • Week 4: Focus: Categories– Declutter purses, bags, decor, puzzles, and unused cleaning products.
  • Week 5: Reflect and set goals for the next month!

***Note*** I follow my Sunday planning routine each weekend to help organize and make the most of my time each week.

Here are a few reminders for the April Declutter Calendar:

  • Remember, each daily task is designed to take just 15-20 minutes.
  • You can always do more if you like, but the goal is to keep it manageable.
  • Decluttering and organizing are personal journeys, so make it work for you.
  • I recommend reading my article, “Choose Your 15 Minutes a Day,” before you begin to create the right mindset.

Grab your Free April Declutter Calendar here:

April Declutter Calendar

Download now and receive two bonus pages!

1st-Week Focus: Paper: Kids’ Paperwork

  • Day 1: Monthly Reset! Take the time to do the monthly items on your to-do list. Take any donations from last month to the donation center.
  • Day 2: Gather all of your kid’s paperwork in one place. This can be all the artwork, homework, schoolwork, and other papers that have been collected.
  • Day 3: Separate the paperwork by individual kid. Then, decide whether the paper will be filed, tossed, or stored in a memory box or binder.
  • Day 4: Scan any essential files and organize them in your digital organization system.
  • Day 5: File other papers in your physical file system, memory box, or in their “love me” binder
  • Days 6 & 7: Enjoy the Weekend and Plan your upcoming week!

**Check out my article here to learn more about my 5-step paper process.

2nd-Week Focus: Home- Garage/storage areas

Ahhh! Finally, the weather is warming up, and it’s the perfect time to get into those outside spaces and start decluttering. (If you’re PCSing, I suggest starting in this space in my Room-by-Room Declutter Checklist). Tackle these common areas in just 15 minutes a day to get your garage storage area cleaned out and decluttered for the summer.

  • Day 8: Declutter the easy targets- anything that is trash, broken, or expired that collected over the winter. Time to get rid of it!
  • Day 9: Declutter any tools- duplicates, rusted, or tools bought for a specific purpose are the easiest targets here.
  • Day 10: Declutter garden supplies—again, go for the easy targets. Consider donating any duplicate or unused items. Next, if anything is broken or extremely rusted, it may be better in the trash than taking up room in your storage area.
  • Day 11: Sports equipment—I know our kids grow in and out of different sports equipment. We habitually resell equipment at a second-hand sports store once our kids outgrow it or no longer play the sport.
  • Day 12: Clean your car and trunk—Today, clean your car or trunk. Throw away trash and rehome items that have been collected in your car.
  • Days 13 & 14: Enjoy the Weekend and Plan your upcoming week!

3rd-Week Focus: Digital Clutter: Social Media

This week, we focus on clearing some of that sneaky digital clutter. I’m talking about all of our social media platforms. These can hold an incredible amount of digital clutter, and taking the time to delete and clear some of it out regularly can make the time you spend on these platforms more enjoyable!

  • Day 15: Delete old chats and messages- Take the time to go through some of your chats and messages. If they are no longer relevant, delete or “archive.” That way, if you return to reference current chats, you will not be overwhelmed with ALL the chats or messages you have ever received.
  • Day 16: Unknown contacts—I realize I have a few people on several platforms, and I have no idea how they got there. Take the time to go through and edit your contacts.
  • Day 17: Delete “pages” or “groups” that no longer serve your interests. Edit these down to the ones that you genuinely reference or use to ask questions and make connections. The rest are just noise!
  • Day 18: Remove toxic connections or content: While removing specific individuals or pages from your social media feed might seem difficult, remember that they won’t even notice unless they actively seek you out. Similarly, if a particular page or person consistently triggers negative feelings or comparisons, don’t hesitate to hit the unfollow button to safeguard your mental well-being.
  • Day 19: Delete unused social media apps from your phone- if you notice you haven’t been using an app, delete it from your home page, and I bet you won’t even miss it!!
  • Day 20 & 21: Enjoy the Weekend and Plan your upcoming week!

4th-Week Focus: Categories

I love decluttering by categories!! Sometimes, tackling an entire space in my home can feel overwhelming, so breaking it down into smaller parts makes it seem much more doable. So here are a few categories for this last week of April that you can tackle in about 15 minutes!

  • Day 22: Declutter your purses or bags. You can choose to clean out your purse or declutter the overall amount of purses or bags you own- your choice!
  • Day 23: Declutter overall decor- look around your house and see if there is any decor that seems outdated or no longer your style.
  • Day 24: Declutter puzzles- Are you going to do that puzzle again? Consider donating it or taking it to your local retirement home or other assisted living facility.
  • Day 25: Decor must really be on my mind! But, for this category, look around at any spring or Easter decor that you did not use or display this year. Consider donating it or giving it to a teacher who could use it in their classroom.
  • Day 26: Cleaning products- go through all your cleaning products and see if anything is expired or not being used. If you are PCSing, start asking neighbors or friends if they will take the excess when you move.
  • Day 27 & 28: Enjoy the Weekend and Plan your upcoming week!

5th-week Focus: Reflect and set goals

So, how did this month go? Were you able to get through all of the categories? Go ahead and take these last days and set some goals for the next month.

  • Day 29: Take anything that you have decluttered to the donation center! Don’t drive around with those donations in your trunk for the next month!
  • Day 30: Reflect and set goals for the next month! Want to learn more about setting SMART and DUMB goals? Read my article here.

Free bonus calendars:

April 2024 Calendar (Blank)
Blank Calendar for 2024
Blank April Calendar
Free Blank Calendar

Ok, so I need to know how the April Declutter Calendar works for you! I’ll be jumping onto my Instagram stories to share my progress, but if you have any questions or want to share your success, please head over to my private Facebook group, Organization Tips and Tricks.

April Declutter Calendar

Download now and receive two bonus pages!

Are you getting ready for a PCS? Grab my PCS purge, 10-day declutter checklist, plus 10 PCS decluttering tips now!!!

Happy Organizing, y’all!

6 Responses

  1. I know I need to spend a bit of time cleaning up my social media contacts but I’ve been putting it off because I hadn’t come up with any criteria. Your suggested tasks during social media week break it down nicely and just might the approach I need. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful calendar for April, should make things easy and quick. when sorting, I suggest for people to set up bins or bags for the different sorting already in a specific area to help the clutter get out of the way into their right easy to carry into their final destination.
    Great list.

  3. Having a calendar like this can be a great way to stay focused on bite-sized tasks that eventually add up to big progress. Seeing it all detailed on this calendar makes it clear how much stuff we have, and how much effort is required to keep things in order. If anyone ever asks, “What do you do all day?” to someone who works in the home, this would be a great answer, right?

  4. April is a great time to declutter paper and digital files. Not only is it great for individuals, but it’s also important for small businesses and solopreneurs to do these tasks. I’m definitely going to share this with my clients to give them a subtle reminder to get going on decluttering. =)

  5. I’ve got no kids and no garage, so I guess I get to play for the next two weeks! 😉

    Just kidding. I particularly like the suggestions for digital decluttering. Day #18 for removing toxic connections (which can even include blocking rude strangers) is a great addition to the list.

    Have a lovely April!

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