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30-Day Declutter Checklist

30-Day Declutter Checklist

Grab yours now!!

Happy New Year! I cannot believe it’s already 2023, can you? I’m feeling great about the new year and ready to tackle some organizing and decluttering projects that I’ve definitely put off over the holidays. If you would like to join me…please grab your 30-Day Declutter Checklist and head over to the FB group to join in on the fun!

So what is this declutter checklist all about? In this checklist, I chose different categories to declutter. While I know most people think about their home as full of clutter, I think it’s just as important to take the time to declutter our digital lives as well. If you are interested in taking my 7 Day Digital Declutter challenge, read all about it here.

How to use the checklist

Feel free to use the checklist as you see fit. You can follow it in order or scan it and find the one that sounds the most interesting to you on any given day. It’s up to you! Some categories will take a little more physical energy while some can be done from your phone while sitting on your couch.

Only do 15 minutes

For each item on the checklist, I encourage you to ONLY spend 15 minutes on any given item. It is possible to really dive deep into some of these. I know when I hear “declutter the garage” in 15 minutes, my eyes roll and I mutter something about “impossible.” I know, I get it. But, the point is to start building the habit of decluttering and organizing EVERY day for a small time. The point is NEVER to exhaust yourself to the point that you give up completely! Small efforts over time can create a huge change!

Declutter Checklist Categories

The checklist has 4 broad groups- physical spaces, physical categories, digital, and paper. I find that there are many ways to declutter and this is how I tend to think about them. The physical spaces are rooms or specific spaces in your home. The second grouping is “categories.” I personally really like this method of decluttering and I talk more about it here. The third grouping is digital decluttering, and I know that this applies to everyone as our cell phone and computer use continue to increase. And the last category for decluttering is paper. Paper lives all by itself because it is a beast! To read more about my 5 step paper decluttering, head over to the article.

Ok! That’s it! I hope you find the 30-Day Declutter Checklist helpful, and I always want to hear back about what worked for you and what didn’t.

Happy Organizing Y’all!

10 Responses

  1. Jana, I completely agree with you about spending short amounts of time to declutter and organize on a regular basis. It’s amazing just how much you can accomplish when you dedicate yourself to a single task for 10 to 15 minutes. I also really like your checklists. They help people to remember things like digital downloads which can really clog up your computer. We forget about them because we don’t see them!

    1. Thank you so much Diane! Yes, I’ve been following along with the challenge, and most of these don’t even take me 15 minutes. It really does highlight how much you can do in a small time. And I completely agree about the digital clutter. With all the “clouds” and “unlimited storage” options, it’s very easy to let things build up on our computers and our phones. I think I like the digital decluttering the best because I can do it while waiting! Thank you and happy decluttering!

    1. Thanks Jonda! I agree- while some of these categories might be hard if you have physical limitations, everyone can declutter digitally! Thank you so much for reading, and happy decluttering!

    1. Sabrina, I love the checklists, too! They help to give me focus and keep me from getting too overwhelmed in any one direction. Thank yo so much for reading, and happy decluttering!

  2. This approach would work for me. Generally, I’m not of a “little bit each day” than a “all at once” kind of person. I think setting aside a small bit of time feels less intimidating/painful, so I’m more comfortable to do things that I know won’t take too long!

    1. I agree Seana. Sometimes if I say I’m going to declutter the ENTIRE garage, I just get overwhelmed and don’t even start. Knowing that I’m going to just do 15 minutes and stop feels like way less pressure. Thank you so much for your comment, and happy decluttering!

  3. What a terrific list of suggestions for areas to declutter. I love how you put the 15-minute parameter around the decluttering sessions because it’s easy to say, “I don’t have the time.” But we can all carve out 15 minutes to do something. And it’s incredible what can be accomplished in a short time block.

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