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10 Best Junk Drawer Organization Products

10 Best Junk Drawer Organization Product

Today, I am giving a few product recommendations for junk drawer organization. I am an Amazon Associate which means that I will receive a small commission if you purchase from the links I provide. If you are wondering how to best organize a junk drawer, please read my article here. If you are wondering, “What the heck is a junk drawer?”, please read my other article here. But, if you are here for my product recommendations, read on for my 10 best junk drawer organization products.

Clear, Modular Bins

I love these bins for organizing spaces because I think they instantly make your drawer look bigger. I also especially love this set for junk drawer organization because you would have a lot left over for other spaces! Click on the image or follow this link to order yours.

Modular Bamboo Bins

Modular Bamboo blocks give lots of options for junk drawer organization

As I talk about in my article 3 Organizing Challenges for Military Spouses, I always try to buy things that can be used in various ways. These are great because if you move a lot like we do, you can use them in a variety of different-sized drawers!!

Small Vacuum

Vacuum for Small Spaces is a great option for junk drawers!

This product is in my cart, y’all, and it looks amazing! I especially love that it can be used in a variety of different areas and I don’t have to haul out my big vacuum every time I need it. Because our junk drawer is in the kitchen, it collects a lot of crumbs and dirt just by virtue of its location. This vacuum is a game-changer!

Bamboo Drawer Dividers

I have these in my kitchen utensil drawer, and I love them because you can adjust to different sizes. These are great for all sorts of different spaces and could be used throughout the home.

Drawer Dividers

These would be AMAZING for all the baby accessories. I could see pacifiers, bottle parts, straws, juice cup lids, etc. I wish these were around when my kids were little! Who knows, they probably were, but I was too sleepy to search for it! Ha!

Museum Gel

I honestly had never heard of this, but it’s a game changer! You take just the tiniest bit of this stuff and put it underneath the containers to prevent them from sliding around in the drawer. Pro-Tip: if you live in base housing, or a house with really thin walls, this can help hanging pictures from shifting and getting crooked.

Interlocking Drawer Dividers

I love that these lock together and you can create any number of different way to arrange them! I could see these working in a variety of different space including the garage and a home office. Additionally, I REALLY like that these have spaces for small items too. Sometimes, that can make all difference so that those small items are not rolling around with bigger items.

Decorative Drawer Divider

This one is very simple, but I love the pattern and it is perfect for a smaller junk drawer or utensil drawer. This one is made of solid material too, which is great if the spaces of your home need to hold up to lots of use. I know with three kiddos, I love things that are durable and stand up to daily abuse!

Clear Bin with Non-Slip Bottom

This bin is soooo cute! I love that there are different color options that give a little POP to your space. I absolutely love that teal color too and could see using these in my teens room or kids bathroom as well. This is such a fun organization products, and I can see using it in a lot of different spaces.

Small Organizer with Sliding Top Shelf

This one would be great for a smaller space. I love the little sliding shelf on the top that gives the option of more storage for the smaller items. This would also work really well in a small office space.

Those are my top ten junk drawer organization products! What do you think? Are you inspired to organize that oh-so-messy space, or do you have something else that you would recommend? Shoot me an email and let me know, or better yet drop a picture of your junk…junk drawer, that is, over on the Facebook group.

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Happy Organizing, Y’all!

5 Responses

  1. These are terrific junk drawer (actually, any drawer) organizers. I have the first ones on your list in my kitchen and they work really well. I also love the drawer dividers.

  2. I love all of these! That little vacuum would be handy in a kitchen for the all the utensil drawers, and the bread drawer (which is always full of crumbs!). The interlocking ones I just used with my daughter. The drawers she needed to organize were odd sizes, but we were able to make it work well by mixing and matching those interlocking ones. She’s really happy with it!

  3. All of your drawer recommendations are terrific! And that little vacuum. Wow! It looks like a great product.

    I use the Museum gel, but haven’t tried it for drawers. I collect Pez dispensers. They stand on top of my supply cabinet. The problem was that every time I opened a drawer, they shook and sometimes fell like dominos. No fun. So I use a tiny dab of museum gel under each one and they stick beautifully. Plus you can easily reposition them if needed.

  4. Oooh, all of these are very nifty. I’d heard of museum gel and then complete forgot about it; I’ll have to bear it in mind for client work. I’m really curious about that hand-held vacuum. I’d love to hear your take on it once you buy it, because so many mini-vacs lack the vrooooom that we want. It’s really cute!

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