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Helping military spouses declutter and organize in order to calm the chaos of military life.

Jana Arevalo- owner of The Organize Military Life

Let me help you declutter!


What if I told you there was a way to make this military spouse life feel less chaotic? 

How would you FEEL if you came home to a house that was streamlined, efficient, and easy to clean?

As an 18-year military spouse, I understand firsthand the chaos of constant moves, managing kids, and PCSing. 

Let me guide you from feeling overwhelmed to finding calm, so you can pursue your passions with renewed fire!




How I can help:

Before and After Decluttering Sessions:

PCS Purge:
10-day Declutter Checklist

Plus 10 Tips to help you Declutter before your PCS!

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    Happy Organizing, y'all!