Jana Arevalo, Declutter Coach

Feeling overwhelmed by Military Life?

 I’m Jana, an enthusiastic declutter coach empowering military spouses and busy moms to reclaim their space, both physical and digital, so they can confidently pursue their passions in the midst of military life.

Jana Arevalo- Declutter Coach, The Organized Military Life

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One on One Declutter Coaching

Hey, y'all

As a Mom of 3, I totally get how it feels to be drowning in stuff. With 18 years of military life under my belt, (We’ve PCS’ed 10 times and counting!), I know a thing or two about the constant cycle of packing, unpacking and setting up new systems. A few years back, I started decluttering our home, and it’s been an absolute game-changer.

If you’re tired of that never-ending wave of anxiety and overwhelm in your home, digital life, or paperwork, I’d love to help. Let’s chat and set up a free consultation. No pressure, just a genuine desire to help you find your peace in the midst of this military life’s chaos.

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Before and After Decluttering Sessions:

Happy Organizing, y'all!